Since our company was founded in 1980,

We do not rely on machines, we prepare our own food in-house,

and we maintain our policy of making handicrafts in front of our chefs.

As a conveyor belt sushi restaurant offering authentic Edomae sushi.

We are particular about fresh fish and seasonal fish, always feeling the season.

We strive to provide sushi that is both inexpensive and of high value.



clear accounting


From 130 yen (143 yen including tax) per plate.

We always have over 60 kinds of items.

In cooperation with the production area,


We have a wide variety of fish available.

We serve authentic chef-made sushi.


Fresh fish

The fish delivered every morning from the market

A wide variety of Regarding white fish

No frozen fish is used at all.

Carefully examine the seasonal fresh fish

We are stocking it.



Prepared in-house

The fish delivered from the market in the morning

We do the preparation at our own store.

All fish are prepared by the chef

It will be prepared as an ingredient for sushi.

Of course, the sushi rice is also cooked in-house and mixed with vinegar.

Our sushi is made using the same procedures as Edomae sushi.